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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> simply splendid. how ♪ ♪ [ woman ] this icelandic mud was working wonders on my skin. but if it was going to do the same for my spa, i had to figure out a way to get it back to the stas. so i called my citibank small business expert. he got me a line of credit to make it happen and even improved my cash flow. now, my spa has more business than ever. ...and so does our cleaning crew. [ male announcer ] at citibank, we believe small business is a big deal. what's your story? cicitibank can h help you write it. captioned by the national captioning institute the discovery that could lead to a security alerts are local airport. >> refers to broke only on abc 7. >> in neighborhoods relief --
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>> i was so happy. >> an 18-month murder mystery is finally over. the gop show down. who is now officially in the race? a traffic alert that you need to see before tomorrow morning's drive to work. live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 11 on your side. a potential security alert at a recent major airports. it centers around the discovery of three security uniforms and found in the bushes. we first broke this story at 6:00. >> the uniforms are tightly
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controlled so there are questions about why three of these uniforms while doubt in -- on an arlington street. >> there were three work shirts. >> 3 uniforms for redgan national airport. >> the purpose of the uniforms is to maintain security and identified the people who are supposed to be here. >> the authority issues uniforms to each worker. the employees must turn of the uniforms and it should they stop working here. >> they need to keep better records. >> no one would talk with us directly but issued a statement instead. we will investigate how these uniforms and up in this location. a uniform alone does not grant a person access to any secure areas of the airport including
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aircraft. we spoke with a former employee says just the uniform is not enough to gain access to secure areas. >> they have to have that bad. the uniforms are useless. >> some passengers still believe the airport authority has to do a better job of tracking uniforms worn by employees assigned to sensitive areas. >> if these are in the hands of people who can do something else with them, there is something going on that is wrong. >> arlington police now have the uniforms. they are launching investigations to find out where the uniforms came from and why they were in the bushes. there is a significant new development in the scandal surrounding anthony weiner. president obama at -- said if it were him, he would resign.
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they were highly inappropriate. his comments come as he remains on a leave of absence while he seeks therapy. we'll have much more on whether this could help them keep his job. that is a little bit later in our newscast. and arlington community comes together hours after two arrests in a high-profile murder. he was found dead on his way to work out an arlington and fitness center. >> this case has been a disturbing mystery to this neighborhood until tonight when police made the announcement of the rest. they are revealing very little, but they did tell residents that the murder was a random act. a meeting in the same arlington neighborhood where the 57-year- old lived and died. they wanted to know news of the
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arrest. a tangible sense of relief but what the neighborhood. questions from france. >> we want to know why. >> in december of 2009, he was walking from this arlington apartment to his job at the health club when he was confronted. his body was later found. he had been stabbed to death. for a year and a half, the murder had remained a mystery. >> we are so glad the police did whatever what was required. >> the police have arrested at the 20-year-old and a 24-year- old of the district. >> i am in the neighborhood. i go to the gm in the neighborhood.
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i walk my dog here. it is nice to know that they have caught someone. >> he was loved in this community and they want to keep his memory alive so they are building a memorial at this community tennis courts that he loved so much. as for the suspects, they will be extradited to virginia to stand trial. returned to tonight's big debates in new hampshire. michele bachmann made it official, she is running for president. they took aim at the president and his handling of the economy. >> president obama's report card has a big spending grade on it. >> what this president has done has slowed the economy. he did not create the recession, but he made it worse and long-
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term. >> it is anti business, destructive. >> in addition to targeting the president's's term in office, the challengers took on one of their own components. mitt romney said his experience as a businessman would help him lead the country out of the current economic struggle. to read more about the debate, go to the president spent the evening rallying his troops in miami tonight. the largest was attended by about 700 supporters. tonight has been a picture perfect evening all across the region. maybe you can even open the windows tonight. what do think about that idea? >> why not? let's make -- lets nature did
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the air conditioning. look at the temperature is right now. 57 degrees in winchester. we only made it into the high as 70's the first day in more than three weeks. all because of this nice air. thank you very much for that delightful air. it is a cool night that we have out there. i will tell you about what the name of that mood is. i will tell you all the details. >> we are lacking that. we are -- we are liking that. find out where a new earthquake has liquefied the ground. go to we have a warning that you
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need to see before tomorrow morning's commute. also coming up, but congressman and his therapy. could his leave of absence help anthony weiner save his job? are the redskins preparing to move?
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, up with leon harris and alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. a bomb threats at the rockville metro station turned out to be a hoax. police have arrested the 50- year-old woman who made the false claims. she was making threats when she boarded the train. she then dropped to run these and started praying. police evacuated the station.
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no explosive devices were found. it was d.c. united, and now the redskins could be on the move to prince george's county. officials have requested a feasibility study. officials are offering and i'm used piece of land. the team's stadium is already located in the county. still to come, a commuter alert for millions of drivers across virginia. the story that you need to see before tomorrow's rush hour. >> does anthony weiner need medical
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we are following some breaking news from arlington county. police are investigating a suspicious package that has shut down washington boulevards. the package was found about 8:30
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this evening. officers are trying to determine what is inside this package. we will keep you posted. we turn to the latest on the scandal with anthony weiner. he faces increased pressure to resign. we are live on capitol hill with more on the realistic possibility. >> instead of working from his capitol hill office, anthony weiner is in the process of getting the treatment in an undisclosed location. it is unclear what would inspire anthony weiner to send salacious images to women he met online. the president called his actions highly inappropriate and indicated that he would resign. others disagree. >> he is not doing anything
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illegal. >> the 46-year-old has taken a short leave of absence. is it addiction? >> we do not know his underlying pathology. >> this doctor is an expert on sex addiction says the first that is getting good care. >> it can cut quickly to determining whether this is a problem about poor judgment versus a true clinical problem along the sex addiction- depression that is feeling this. >> others remained torn. >> he is reflecting on what he
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has been doing. >> while some senior democrats are calling on the congressman to step down his publicist says that when it comes to his future, and he needs this time to get healthy and make the best decision possible. facebook has fewer friends now. in the united states, the website lost 6 million american users last month. it also lost millions of users in canada, the u.k., norway, and russia. these seasonal fluctuations aren't normal. analysts say that people are losing interest in the service. police will be cracking down on hov lane violators. they will also cracked down on
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route 50. those caught cheating can face fines up to $90 in maryland, up to $1,000 in virginia for repeat offenders. the d.c. jazz festival ends on a triumphant note. tonight, the kennedy center presented a night, a tribute to new orleans. well-known musicians inspired by the big easy performed the best in jazz. i had the pleasure of serving as emcee for the evening. it was a sold-out crowds. there is me. 2500 people. >> and now you can say that you have been on stage at the kennedy center. if you cannot get cooler weather, do not bother coming back. beautiful night.
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did you see that moon? we are two days away from the full moon. as many of these -- what you did by the light of the full moon, you went out and gather some strawberries. it is a comfortable 68 degrees, first time in more than three weeks we have had our average high temperature below average. look at the amount of rain. some spots have had well over one or 2 inches of rain. like our friends in annapolis. other areas around bethesda and parts of fairfax remain very dry. our high temperature is only 81. wheat and dallas. dallas had -- look at dallas. the temperature is out in the
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mid part of the country are well above average while ours remain well below average. it is really refreshing for this time of year. we have the jet stream moving to our south and that is allowing that to dry air to come in. a little bit of low pressure off of the coast. more dry air all the tomorrow, there will be a ripple in the atmosphere. it will be another delightful day. comfortably cool. the sunrise is at 5:42. temperatures are into the 50's. only 75 to 80 degrees. there may be a passing shower or
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sprinkled here and there. more of the same contact -- on tap. wednesday and thursday, at still comfy. the 80's look better than the 90's. >> this is like spring. we love it.
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if the bag fees aren't bad enough you will not believe how the airlines are making millions. it is time to talk about the u.s. open. >> the weather is supposed to be spectacular. we will hear from lee westwood. we are closing in on board stanley's cup.
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wait until you see this.
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. let's go to the u.s. open. the eyes of the sports world are focused on congressional country
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club. they are gathered to compete for the national title. this tournament is wide open. since tiger woods fell in the world ranking westwood, they have all held a top spot. lee west what has never won a major. -- westwood has never won a major. he said, this is the toughest major of them all. >> it is the toughest. you have to be very patient and not give any shots away. >> i will be out to at congressional again and we will be doing our shall live out there. they chased vancouver. it was an incredible show of power. they produced four goals in less
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than five minutes. they were not able to score until the third period it. they wanted tonight 5-2. college baseball, the top ranked virginia cavaliers -- down 2-one with two outs and the bottom of the night. chris taylor is your bad year. -- batter. everybody is running. let the celebration began they win its three-two, they go to the world series for the second time. the nationals were off today. they start a three-game set tomorrow here in town against the cardinals. zimmermann will be back in the lineup. he has been out since april but he is ready.
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the nationals need them back and the lineup, no question about it. they are still celebrating their first nba title in dallas tonight. the team got back to texas are around noon. >> i love the college celebrations.
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happen. ♪ ♪ we have all decided that we will open our windows tonight. >> our temperatures right now are into the 50's. tomorrow temperature's only near 80 degrees. go to we have a new block.
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-- blog. >> thank you. have a great night everybody.
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